Getting Onto the Green with MPH

It’s nothing new that companies conduct their business over a round of Golf. It’s a great way to do it, meeting out of the office and getting to know your clients better on a level playing field! (Or in the case of our MD Marc, not so level…) But let’s say you’re trying to close that deal or stand out from the crowd, you’re going to need to do better than just a round of golf, right? So here’s our top 10 list of promotional products for golf days – in no particular order.

  1. Promotional Golf BallsBranded Golf Balls
    An obvious but effective choice of branded item for a company golf day. Everyone needs them to play, and if you can supply them to all in attendance, with YOUR logo – you know you’re going home with everyone and will be showing up next time they’re on the course.
  2. Branded Golf UmbrellasCompany branded Golf Umbrella These go down a treat in our experience. This is something everyone will keep indefinitely. On average it rains on 154 days in the year in the UK, this one’s going to get a lot of impression time. At worst, this will be passed onto another potential sale.
  3. Golf Tee Tins
    teetinA sneaky contender, not something everyone would buy for themselves. This makes it even more likely they would keep hold of yours. This would go hand in hand with a set of branded tees!
  4. Custom Golf Teesprinted-tees
    A really inexpensive option of promotional golf product! Complete with Promotional Golf Balls, you’re guaranteeing multiple impressions all day!
  5. Golf Polo ShirtsNike Express Core Polo

    This one is the perfect option for all staff members on the course. Reinforce your brand by using recognisable golf clothing such as Callaway, Puma and Titleist.

  6. Branded Cup Inserts & WrapsCompany branded Cup Insert
    Another Inexpensive option! You need only buy 18 of these and are completely reusable. Save them for the next golf day whilst saving money for more course decoration!
  7. Pop Up Banners
    Golf Course Pop Up BannerA large surface area for print. Dot these by each hole for more impressions around the course! Easily erected and collapsed in under 30 seconds and completely reusable.
  8. Branded Divot Tool
    Company Branded Divot ToolThis is another one of the products that people are unlikely to get rid of! This is a bit more of a personal item to a golfer and any branding is sure to stick in their head. A good quality divot tool is akin to a cigar cutter or tie pin, a great corporate gift.
  9. Scorecard Holders
    Scorecard HoldersThis accessory is similar to a passport cover and is a great piece of merchandise for any golf day. Again, this one is a bit like the divot took in that it is likely to be kept for future use.
  10. Marquees
    No company golf day is complete without a promotional marquee for meet and greet. Set one of these up on the course to ensure a place to engage all in attendance and so you have a place to hand out all your amazing promotional golf giveaway items!