Buying & Procurement

As a major supplier of branded products, printed giveaways and other promotional merchandise, we have established close working relationships with some of the world’s leading manufacturers across many different areas, from ceramics (mugs), pens/pencils, office supplies, fabric goods (bags), clothing/cap manufacturers, food/drink suppliers and sporting goods manufacturers to specialist manufacturers of electronic goods, crystal and glassware, fine wines, green and eco products.

This global sourcing policy means we are able to find, source or commission literally Anything, Everything Branded. You’ll find much about in our Products section but here are just a few areas in which we can help

Bespoke promotional items

If you’re looking for a custom item – a stress-buster shaped like a burger perhaps, or an usually-shaped drinks bottle, maybe a plastic or cuddly toy to tie in with a children’s TV series – then our creative insight, marketing experience and knowledge of production techniques will prove invaluable.

Standard and premium stock items

Everyday promotional items, branded gifts and other personalised promotional goods are our bread and butter. Come to us with a requirement and we will deliver the quality and quantity you’re looking for, with outstanding value for money.

Eco gifts

Many customers are now looking to reduce the carbon footprint and, in doing so, establish their green credentials. We can provide – and if necessary recommend – a wide range of ethically sourced, eco friendly, recycled, sustainable or otherwise ‘green’ or low environmental impact gifts and promotional items.

bp-4 Innovative products

New developments capable of reflecting the forward-thinking nature of your own organisation are coming onto the market all the time. By their very nature it’s impossible to offer examples – some quickly become mainstream and there are others we wouldn’t want to share with the competition – but if this is an area you’d like to explore, just contact us.