Spy On Your Competitors With These 5 Sneaky Tools

There’s nothing more important than understanding what your competitors are doing and how you can keep ahead of the game and I for one, understand how tiring this can be. I’ve spent hours and hours over the years, literally stalking my competitors websites, social medial channels and scrolling through Google to see what their latest publicity stunt is, that is UNTIL, I came across these sneaky tools which allows me to monitor (or how I like to call it, stalk) the competition in half the time it would usually take…

1. Socialmention.com – monitor trending content


In a nutshell, socialmention.com allows businesses to track and measure exactly what people are saying about you as a business, a particular subject, a new product and the social media landscape, in real-time – all in one place.

2. Google Keyword Planner – keywords tool


For business that use Google AdWords, you’ll no doubt already use the Google keyword planner. Whilst it doesn’t necessary focus specifically on competitor analysis, it allows you to identify key search terms/trends. Another bonus for using keyword planner is that you can obtain historical statistics, for example; there were more searches for promotional pens in November and December as apposed to any other month of the year and also, it can provide you with estimated traffic forecasts – all of which can come in very handy.

3. monitorbacklinks.com – for keywords


This may have to be one of my favourite tools at the minute, as it allows me to easily check any bad links to my website and more importantly, I can check my competitors good links – which makes this the perfect tool for Marketing Managers. As with most of these tools, there is a very basis free version and to access more detailed information you would have to select one of the paid packages.

4. alexa.com – an all rounder


I have used this tool religiously for the past 3 years and still, I find it a very valuable tool which gives me a full overview of my competitors website and marketing activity. They also have a great Chrome extension, which when activated on a particular website, can provide you with a blast of information!

5. spyfu.com – paid and organic search activity 


I have only started using SpyFu, but it is an essential tool that I use on a regular basis, mainly to monitor which keywords my competitors have bought and the types of ads they have created.

Got any “sneaky” tools of your own that you would like to share? Drop us a comment below…