Top 10 ways to attract more visitors to your trade show stand…

Whether you’re a veteran or beginner at exhibiting at trade shows, here is 10 ways to attract not only more but the right visitors to your stand.

1. Get the right look and feel

 Your stand is your shop window – a direct invitation to say “Come on in!”. It’s vital to make sure your objective for the show – selling, marketing or corporate image – determines the look and feel of your stand.

2. Remember, small is beautiful too

Small stands work just as well. You don’t need to have a huge budget, and a lot of people often get carried away with the idea that size is better than focus.

3. Try it out beforehand

Don’t wait until the show to assemble your exhibition stand, set it up in the office beforehand to get an idea of the size and what to include and what to leave out.

4. Tell people what you want

Be clear with your objective. When creating your brief for the stand-builders, promotional merchandise companies and equipment hire firms, explain your main aims for the show and ensure they are on the same page.

5. Get creative

Step into the shoes of the visitors and walk the path in which they will take to get to your stand, does it look visually pleasing? Does it get your message across? Experiment using lighting, sound, posters and signage to convey your message to your target market. You need to stand out in a hall full of thousands of other stands.

6. Stick to your budget

Furnishing out your stand doesn’t have to be expensive, you’re most likely to have a few things lying around in your office that you could take along with you.

7. Beware giveaways

Thousands of pounds every year is wasted on promotional products that simply don’t relate to the message or the brand – and if you’ve been to a trade show you’ll know what I mean, as they often end up on the floor or in a desk drawer. Our team of promotional merchandise experts can advise you on the right promotional products for your stand.

8. Chat with the event organiser

Ok, so you’ve got a stand, but where do you put it? Have a chat with the event organiser to discuss the best placement of your stand as this may be critical to your target audience.

9. Pick the right people

You really need to think who would be the best fit to represent your company on the stand. Think of the confident, outgoing and professional individual who can reel visitors in and who would be best to present the brand and some companies even have a third man to close the deal. It’s important that you create a plan of action on who does what.

10. Don’t forget to tell people

Months, weeks and days before you exhibit at a trade show make sure you tell the world. Send an email out to all of your existing and potential customers “Hey, come and join us for a coffee on Stand C at the exhibition on September 2nd”, get social on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and create some banner ads for your website.