When is the best time to post on Social Media?

Am I right in assuming that you generally send a tweet, Facebook post, or LinkedIn update when the moment has arisen, or when you have a few spare minutes? Well, I for one, used to do this! But I have learnt that the key to increasing engagement, is to simply post when it’s good for your customers, not for you.

So, when should you be sharing your content? Well, here’s an awesome infographic created by the guys at Quick Sprout.

Obviously, this will differ depending upon your industry and I would recommend you test the data below yourself.

In summary:

– Twitter: 12pm, 5pm and 6pm
– Facebook: 1pm and 3pm
– LinkedIn: 7am and 5pm
– Google+: 9am to 11am
– Pinterest: 8pm to 11pm
– Instagram: 6pm to 8am