Trade Show Promotional Products

Increase foot flow to your stand

Help prospects remember your brand

Improve your brand’s image


If you are attending a professional event or trade show this year we can help your brand stand out from the crowd. We source and supply unique corporate gifts and promotional giveaway products.


Our specialist team has over 25 years of experience sourcing promotional products for trade show giveaways. Looking for something with a wow factor? We've got your back.


All of your promotional products are quality assured by our in-house team, meaning you'll never have any nasty surprises when setting up on-site.


As well as ensuring delivery of your promotional products we can also warehouse and distribute to multiple addresses. Meaning your promotional activity can continue after the event has finished!

Why Promotional Products are important

1. They increase traffic to your stand.

Quite simply, companies that display promotional giveaways at their stand will have significantly higher foot flow than those that do not. You are competing with dozens of other companies, trying to generate business. The first thing to do in order to attract a prospect is to get their attention. You can do that with high-quality promotional products.

2. They help people remember your brand.

One of your primary goals when attending a trade show or professional event is to set yourself apart from other brands competing for the same business. Giving promotional products away to attendees help them remember the name of the company that gave it to them. Done in the right way with memorable messaging or product will help set you apart from the competition.

3. They improve brand image.

Trade shows and Expos are busy events, your brand needs to stand out – recipients of promotional giveaway products will hold that brand in higher regard over others that do not. Giving away an old promotional product you might have already won’t cut it.  Make sure to use, popular, high-quality products that have value to the recipient. Use a cheap looking product to try and entice prospects and that’s how you will come across.

4. Attendees love swag!

Simply put, people like promotional products. The most common reason for people keeping promotional products is their usefulness. When planning for your next trade show, consider the theme of the event, or what kind of message you want to put out to your intended prospects. Will a Tote bag carry your message as effectively as a drinking bottle or Bento box? For more information on the products we can supply or for advice on how to plan for your next event, get in touch.

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