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Branded Home Fitness

One thing Covid-19 has certainly changes is how we approach exercise and both mental and physical wellbeing at home.

Last year, we saw a huge increase in at-home gym installations with many of us clearing out a small space in our living spaces to work out in.

Between January and March in the US, for example, sales of fitness equipment shot up 55% as lockdowns began.

With the rise of home HIIT courtesy of The Body Coach , Zoom Yoga and other various online home workouts; now is the time to add branded home exercise equipment to your promotional merchandise strategy.

We predict that this trend will continues to grow. Home workouts and a focus on mindfulness will be at the forefront of your staff and clients mind alike.

One of our 2021 goals is to focus on how we can help you as a brand promote physical and mental wellbeing to both your staff and clients. 

We can provide a range of brandable items such as Yoga Mats, Fitness Bands and Branded Water Bottles that can tap into this growing trend while making people know they are part of your team.

Branded Home Fitness 1

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